Features Included in Government Cloud

MuleSoft Government Cloud includes the full functionality of the Anypoint Platform runtime plane (services and Mule runtime engine) and a subset of the Anypoint Platform control plane (browser-based management of APIs and Mule runtime engine instances) functionality. Government Cloud supports the full API-led connectivity methodology and end-to-end API lifecycle management.

MuleSoft Government Cloud supports Mule runtime engine v3.9 and later, with some restrictions:

  • Because MuleSoft Government Cloud does not support Mule agents with self-signed certificates, specific versions of Mule agents are required:

    • Mule 3: v1.12.0 and later (supported only for cloud deployments)

    • Mule 4: v2.2.0 and later

For more information about creating servers with FIPS support, refer to Add Servers to Runtime Manager.

By default, Mule runtime engine is configured to run in FIPS-compliant mode. See FIPS 140-2 Compliance Support for additional information.

Although Anypoint Studio is not part of Government Cloud, you can use Anypoint Studio offline to build applications and then manually deploy them to Government Cloud.

The following products are not currently supported:

For a detailed list of components and support information for each component by control plane, refer to the Support Matrix for Control Plane Hosting Options.

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