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Moderate Forums

Consumer developers can use the Anypoint API Community Manager forums to ask questions and collaborate with other members of the community.

When a developer posts a question or answer that’s not visible automatically, a community operator must approve it.

To approve or delete pending forum posts, open the API Community Manager control panel and select Manage Forums.

Select Pending Discussions.

The list of posts shows their authors and the options to View Author Details, View Discussion, Approve, and Delete.

If the community operator chooses Approve, the post becomes visible to the public.

If the community operator chooses Delete, the post is removed and not visible to anyone.

A community operator can also reply to new discussions and questions, review audit trails, and create and manage forum rules. These rules can filter posts, other content, and members based on criteria defined by the operator. Members matching the criteria can be frozen, and posts and other content matching the criteria can be flagged, blocked, automatically edited to remove banned terms, or held for the operator to review them.

For more information about the Salesforce Experience Cloud forums and their moderation options, see the Salesforce documentation.


To set the API forums to display each user’s name and not their nickname, open the API Community Manager control panel, open Shortcuts to applications > Site Administration > Preferences, and disable Show nicknames.

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