Install API Community Manager Package

Installing, updating, or configuring Anypoint API Community Manager must be done by a user account with the System Administrator profile in the API Community Manager Salesforce organization.

To perform a new install of the API Community Manager package in your API Community Manager Salesforce Organization, perform the following steps. To upgrade an existing API Community Manager installation, refer to Upgrade API Community Manager.

  1. Complete the prerequisite steps.

  2. In your browser, navigate to the package installation link provided in the API Community Manager Release Notes.

  3. Select Install for Admin users only.

  4. Select I acknowledge that I’m installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Program.

  5. Select Install.

  6. On the Approve Third-Party Access page, select the Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites check box.

  7. Select Continue.

  8. When installation completes, select Done.

  9. Start the guided setup.

If you see a message indicating that the installation process is taking a long time to install, you will receive an email when the installation completes.

You can verify that API Community Manager installation is successful by reviewing the Installed Packages information in Setup.

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