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Update API Community Manager

Keep your Anypoint API Community Manager instance up to date to take advantage of new and improved functionality in your community.

To update your API community:

  1. Open the API Community Manager control panel.

  2. In the same browser session, open the package update installation link provided by your MuleSoft representative.

  3. Verify the version number and name of the release.

  4. If you are upgrading to package version 1.26, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Salesforce Workbench:

    2. Select Standard.

    3. Enter your username and password.

    4. Click the Login button.

    5. In the Queries menu, click SOQL Query.

    6. In the Object list, select NavigationLinkSet.

    7. In the Fields list, select Id and MasterLabel.

    8. Click the Query button.

    9. The query results are displayed as a list of records.

    10. Find the records with the MasterLabel field set to NTO_Nav0 and acm_template_Nav0.

    11. Click the Id of the record with the MasterLabel field NTO_Nav0.

    12. Click the Delete button.

    13. Click the Confirm delete button.

    14. Click the Id of the record with the MasterLabel field acm_template_Nav0.

    15. Click the Delete button.

    16. Click the Confirm delete button.

    17. Continue with normal package installation.

  5. Select Install for admins only.

  6. Select Upgrade.

This starts the installation process.

When the upgrade finishes, you receive a notification email.

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