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Verify the Installation

To verify your installation and configuration:

  1. If you are using JSON Web Tokens and not impersonation, verify the Named Credentials.

    1. Open Setup.

    2. Search for Named Credentials.

    3. Locate anypoint.mulesoft and click Edit.

    4. Verify that the list External Data User Authentications shows your administrative Anypoint user.

  2. If you are using impersonation and not JSON Web Tokens, verify the Exchange External Data Source status is Authenticated.

    1. Open Setup.

    2. Search for External Data Sources.

    3. In the list select Exchange.

    4. Verify that the Authentication Status is Authenticated.

      Exchange Authenticated
  3. Verify that API versions are shown in the API Community Manager control panel.

    1. Open the Application Launcher.

    2. Enter API Community Manager.

    3. Verify that the list APIs in Exchange is not empty and contains the APIs in your organization.

      APIs in Exchange
  4. Verify that the API console is rendered correctly.

    1. Add any of your Exchange APIs to your community.

    2. Navigate to the console in the Community Builder preview mode.

    3. Verify that the console is rendered correctly for your API.

      API console

If any of these checks is not successful, refer to the Troubleshooting section.

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