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Guided Setup

From the Anypoint API Community Manager control panel, open the Salesforce App Launcher and search for API Community Manager Guided Setup.

The following steps require a configured identity provider. For more information about configuring an identity provider, see Installation Prerequisites.

Configure a Custom Subdomain

API Community Manager uses a custom subdomain to connect securely to your Anypoint organization.

This section of the guided setup helps you configure your subdomain, or displays the subdomain you have already configured.

Connect with Your Anypoint Organization

To connect your API Community Manager instance to your Anypoint organization:

  1. Select your organization’s Anypoint management plane.

    This may be the US plane, the EU plane, or another plane.

  2. Create a connected app in your Anypoint organization for Salesforce to use as a consumer system.

    If your Anypoint account has the organization administrator role, the guided setup tool can create the connected app for you.

    Otherwise, create the connected app or ask an organization administrator to create it, then provide the app details so the guided setup can perform the authentication and authorization.

  3. Authenticate and authorize the connected app to access your Anypoint organization.

    If your Anypoint account has the organization administrator role, provide your Anypoint Platform user and password, and the guided setup will create the app.

    Otherwise, provide the app details.

    The guided setup will authenticate and authorize the app to connect the API Community Manager organization with your Anypoint organization.

User Configuration

Give your user the Exchange Contributor role:

  1. In your Anypoint Platform organization, click Access Management > Users.

  2. Select your user.

  3. Click Role > Add role by name.

  4. Add the role Exchange Contributor.

Map community user to Anypoint role:

  1. Ensure that you have Exchange Administrator permissions.

  2. In your Anypoint Platform organization, navigate to Access Management and click Roles.

  3. In Exchange Viewers, set a new External group called Community User and save it.

Next Steps

After the connection with your Anypoint organization is established, click Continue to open the API Community Manager diagnostics tool to review your installation, then create your first community.

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