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Installation Prerequisites

API Community Manager (ACM) is composed of a Salesforce organization with Community Cloud and a managed package that is installed in this organization. The managed package contains the components and data objects that interact with your Anypoint Platform organization.

The ACM package is installed in an independent Salesforce organization from any other Salesforce organizations your company may already have, so that the API community data is isolated from your company operational data, such as ERP or CRM data.

The Salesforce organization with Community Cloud is provisioned through and included in the MuleSoft ACM license. You don’t need to procure this Salesforce organization separately, and you cannot reuse existing Salesforce licenses for ACM. Find more information about ACM licenses in the Licensing Overview section.

Installing, updating or configuring ACM must be done by a user account with the System Administrator profile in the ACM Salesforce organization.

To install and configure the ACM managed package, use the following preparation steps in this Salesforce organization.

Set Up and Register a Domain

  1. Log in into your ACM Salesforce Organization.

  2. Go to Salesforce Set-up by selecting the gear icon and selecting Set-up.

  3. Search for My Domain using the Quick Find box and then select My Domain.

  4. Enter a domain name for your organization. The name can include up to 34 letters, numbers, and hyphens.

  5. Select Check Availability. If the name is already taken, choose a different one.

  6. Select Register Domain.

You will receive a notification email when your domain is registered and your subdomain name is ready for testing. This process can take a few minutes. You can continue with the next steps while you wait for the email.

After you complete ACM installation and configuration, you can configure a full custom domain name, also known as a vanity domain. When you’re ready, refer to the Salesforce knowledge article Run your Salesforce Community under a custom domain.

Enable Communities Inside Your Organization

Follow the steps in Enable Salesforce Communities to enable communities inside your Salesforce organization.

Deploy Your Domain

Wait to receive the notification email that your domain is registered, and then continue with these steps.

  1. Search for My Domain using the Quick Find box and then select My Domain.

  2. If the screen indicates your domain is ready, select Log in.

  3. Select Deploy to Users.