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Consumer developers self-register for access to your Anypoint API Community Manager community. You can then approve member registrations to give them access to the restricted sections of your community.

Registered members require a license. No license is required for guest users. For full information about licenses, refer to the Licensing Overview.

Member Registration and Activation

When consumer developers browse your community as unregistered users (guests), they can view only limited information.

Consumer developers follow these steps to self-register:

  1. Navigate to the community to which they want access.

  2. Select Log in.

  3. Select Not a member?

  4. Enter their community username and password.

  5. Select REGISTER to submit the registration request.

Approve and Activate Members

  1. After the consumer developer sends a registration request, you receive a notification email.

  2. To review and approve the request, open the API Community Manager control panel and click Member Management.

  3. Open the Members tab to view a searchable list of current members, with the option to disable and enable their accounts.

  4. To deactivate a member, disable the Active setting for that member and confirm the change.

  5. Open the Pending members registration tab to view a searchable list of requests for access.

  6. To reject a registration request, select Reject and confirm the change.

    A user whose request is rejected cannot request registration again for 30 days. To undo a rejection by retrieving the rejected request, enable Show rejected users and click Retrieve.

  7. To approve a request, select Approve and confirm the change.

  8. After you approve a registration request, a welcome email is sent to the consumer developer.

  9. To complete registration, the member must click an email verification link in the email and specify a new password.

    The consumer developer can then log in to your community. When the member’s status is Active, additional options become available to the developer, such as Forums and My Applications.

Searching Members

In the API Community Manager control panel, the Member Management tab shows a search bar. Enter one or more terms into the search field.

You can filter search results with the following filter attributes:

  • fullName

  • userName

To use a filter attribute, type the attribute name followed by a colon and the value for that attribute. For example, filtering with userName:Smith only shows members with names that include "Smith", such as jsmith@company.com and sue.jones@ironsmith.com.

Search terms without a filter attribute only apply to member fields that are not filtered. For example, the search userName:com Jones shows members that include "com" in the "Username" field and "Jones" in any field other than "Username".

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