Configure the Platform Cache

Improve the performance of pages and components in your Salesforce Experience Cloud site by using the platform cache.

The platform cache has two parts: a session cache that holds data specific to one user and their session, and an organization cache that holds data accessed by multiple users in the organization.

Cached objects include:


Details of the client applications of the users

API Versions

Basic details of API versions from Exchange

API Documentation

API version information and documentation pages

API Instances

Available instances of each published API version


Categories defined in Exchange for organizing APIs

API Categories

Category values that have been applied to APIs in Exchange

API Tier Limits

Service Level Access (SLA) tier limits, such as the number of requests an API can make

API Query

Responses of the "Try It" operation in the API Console

Set which parts are enabled and the amount of time the cache keeps each type of data:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce organization.

  2. In Setup, click Custom Metadata Types.

  3. Next to the label ACM Platform Cache Metadata, click Manage Records.

  4. Next to the label ACM Configuration, click Edit.

  5. Use the Session Cache Enabled and Organization Cache Enabled checkboxes to enable or disable the corresponding cache.

  6. Set the number of seconds that cached data remains in the cache for applications, API versions, documentation content, instances, categories and category values, tier limits, and queries.

  7. If you want to see the minimum and maximum number of seconds for each entity, hover over the question mark (?) next to each field name.

  8. If you want to disable caching of an entity, set that field to zero seconds.

  9. Click Save.

Cache size defaults to zero. To finish configuring the caches, set the cache size:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce organization.

  2. In Setup, click Platform Cache.

  3. Click the ACMCache partition.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Set the size of each cache (in megabytes) in the Organization field.

    The sum of the sizes of the session cache and the organization cache cannot be more than your organization’s cache capacity, as determined by your license.

  6. Click Save.

The new configuration is effective immediately.

To see how much of each cache is in use, you can click Recalculate.

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