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CloudHub Overview

CloudHub is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) where you can deploy sophisticated cross-cloud integration applications in the cloud, create new APIs on top of existing data sources, integrate on-premises applications with cloud services, and much more.

Create an Application for CloudHub

For examples of more applications, see Anypoint Exchange.

You can deploy the same Mule applications to CloudHub or to an on-premises server. There are some differences in how features work between the environments, which you need to consider when you plan your deployment strategy. See Deployment Options.

Deploy your Application to CloudHub


Learn how you can deploy your applications to CloudHub:

Easy Scalability

CloudHub is an elastic cloud, meaning it scales on demand. You can start small and scale up as your needs grow, without changing your applications or experiencing downtime. CloudHub provides a scalable architecture – one on which you can build integration applications, publish REST APIs, or Web services, and much more.

Integration with Anypoint Studio

Using Anypoint Studio (Studio), you can build integration applications and deploy them to CloudHub with just a few clicks. You can then access them like any other application deployed through the platform, by signing in to Anypoint Platform and then navigating to Runtime Manager. See Deploy an Application from Studio.

Integrate Cloud and Enterprise Applications

The CloudHub Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud (Anypoint VPC) enables you to construct a secure pipe to on-premises applications through an IPsec VPN tunnel, Anypoint VPC peering, a transit gateway, or AWS Direct Connect.

CloudHub API

To automate tasks or automatically deploy to CloudHub, use the CloudHub API. This enables you to perform tasks such as manage and monitor your applications, and scale your applications.

Manage your Application


Learn how you can manage an application that is currently running in CloudHub:

Manage Applications in Runtime Manager

Maintain your applications on CloudHub through the Runtime Manager, an intuitive cloud console where you can manage and monitor every aspect of your applications in a centralized location.

You can view the live status and detailed service history for the Runtime Manager console, platform services, and the CloudHub worker cloud on for the US platform. For the EU platform, visit

Monitor your Applications


Through various tools, Runtime Manager enables you to triage problems, view logs, set up alerts, view dashboards, and more. See Monitor Applications for an overview on the different ways that Runtime Manager enables you to monitor your running applications.

Heap dumps cannot be shared. Instead, our Support Center representatives can analyze the dumps and share the required information with you.


When deploying to CloudHub, keep in mind the following limitations:

  • CloudHub blocks outbound SMTP traffic when more than 20 emails are sent in one hour.

  • CloudHub deployment from Flow Designer fails when the external identity is set up.