Enable Monitoring for Mule Apps Deployed to CloudHub

You can enable monitoring for Mule apps running on non-AM versions of Mule in the Anypoint Monitoring Settings page, the application’s Settings page, or by using the Anypoint CLI for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

For supported versions of Mule, see Configure Anypoint Monitoring for Mule Apps.

Enable Monitoring Using the UI

You can use the Settings page in Anypoint Monitoring to enable or disable apps deployed to CloudHub and running on Mule.

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform.

  2. In the navigation bar or the main Anypoint Platform screen, click Monitoring.

  3. In the Anypoint Monitoring navigation menu, click Settings.

    monitoring settings screen
  4. Select CloudHub.

  5. In the Environment drop-down list, select the environment where the application is running.
    A list of running applications is displayed for the selected environment.
    You can search for a specific application using the List of resources search box.

  6. Next to the application, click Enable to enable monitoring for the application, or Disable to disable monitoring for the application.

    Applications running on x.x.x.-AM versions are displayed in the list and are already enabled, however, you can’t disable these applications from this page.

Enable Monitoring in CloudHub Settings

You can enable monitoring for Mule apps running on supported versions of Mule by adding a property to an application deployed to CloudHub.

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform.

  2. In the navigation bar or the main Anypoint Platform screen, click Runtime Manager.

  3. In the list of applications, select the application for which to enable monitoring.
    The application must be deployed to CloudHub and running on a supported version of Mule.

  4. In the menu on the left, click Settings.

  5. Click Properties, and add the following property:

    enable monitoring cloudhub

    To disable monitoring, change the value to false.

  6. Click Apply Changes.

Enable Monitoring for CI/CD Deployments

Use the Anypoint CLI and set the following property during your CI/CD deployment: anypoint.platform.config.analytics.agent.enabled=true

Performance Impact

Enabling Monitoring can impact CPU utilization and memory utilization, which varies depending upon specific application configuration. MuleSoft recommends that you test any performance impact in your pre-production environment prior to enabling monitoring in your production environment to ensure optimal performance and sizing.

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