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What’s New in Mule 4.4

Mule runtime engine 4.4 provides important enhancements and fixes. Deploy all your new and existing applications to Mule 4.4 to benefit from all the improvements in this version.

Correlation ID Management

Mule 4.4 enables you to modify the correlation ID associated with a Mule event. You can also change the algorithm Mule uses to generate each correlation ID.

See Correlation ID for additional information and configuration instructions.

Improved Logging Capabilities

Mule 4.4 incorporates Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC), which enriches logging and improves tracking by providing more context or information in the logs for Mule events.

By using the Mule Tracing module, you can add, remove, and clear variables from the logging context for a given Mule event.

See MDC Logging for additional information and configuration instructions.

DataWeave Updates

The Mule 4.4 release includes DataWeave 2.4.0 features.

See What’s New in DataWeave for additional information.

Core Components

Mule 4.4 introduces the Mule Tracing Module (available in Studio 7.11), which enables correlation ID management capabilities as well as improved logging options.

See Tracing Module for the complete documentation of this module.

Feature Flags

Mule 4.4 incorporates a feature flagging mechanism, which enables you to control the enablement of certain Mule features that affect backward compatibility.

See Feature Flagging for additional information and configuration instructions.