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What’s New in DataWeave

DataWeave 2.4 is bundled with Mule 4.4. The 2.4 version of DataWeave introduces the following features:

  • Ability to read larger-than-memory strings automatically. When you are using the indexed reader strategy and processing a String with a size larger than 1.5 MB, DataWeave automatically splits the value in chunks to avoid out-of-memory issues. Related reader properties are com.mulesoft.dw.max_memory_allocation and com.mulesoft.dw.buffered_char_sequence.enabled. Refer to Indexed Readers in DataWeave.

  • New reader and writer properties for working with data formats. For example, the XML writer now enables you to define namespaces at the root level.

  • Many new modules, functions, types, annotations, and variables. Some are experimental and subject to change in future releases.

  • A number of functions are overloaded to introduce new helper functions for handling null values.

Changes to the documentation include more detailed function signatures and organization of the functions by their module names, such as dw::Core, dw::core::Strings, and dw::util::Math.

DataWeave 2.4 is bundled with Mule 4.4. For information about the Mule 4.4 release, refer to What’s New in Mule 4.4.

New Properties for Data Formats

DataWeave introduces the following reader and writer properties:

  • DataWeave (dw) reader property: privileges enables you to provide a comma-separated list of privileges to use in the format, such as 'Resources,Properties'.

  • Excel (XLSX) reader property: tableLimit enables you to set position of the last column in each row.

  • YAML writer property: writeDeclaration enables you to write the header declaration.

  • XML writer properties: defaultNamespace specifies the default namespaces of the output XML , and writeDeclaredNamespaces marks the namespaces to declare in the root element of the XML.

New DataWeave Function Modules and Features

New DataWeave modules and features: