encodeURI(text: String): String

Encodes a URI with UTF-8 escape sequences.

Applies up to four escape sequences for characters composed of two "surrogate" characters. The function assumes that the URI is a complete URI, so it does not encode reserved characters that have special meaning.

The function does not encode these characters with UTF-8 escape sequences:

Type (not escaped) Examples

Reserved characters

; , / ? : @ & = $

Unescaped characters

alphabetic, decimal digits, - _ . ! ~ * ' ( )

Number sign



Name Description


The URI to encode.


This example shows encodes spaces in one URL and lists some characters that do not get encoded in the not_encoded string.


%dw 2.0
import * from dw::core::URL
output application/json
    "encodeURI" : encodeURI("http://asd/ text to decode /text"),
    "not_encoded": encodeURI("http://:;,/?:@&=\$_-_.!~*'()")


   "encodeURI": "http://asd/%20text%20to%20decode%20/%25/\"\'/text",
   "not_encoded": "http://:;,/?:@&=$_-_.!~*'()"

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