field(namespace: Namespace | Null = null, name: String): PathElement

This function creates a PathElement data type to use for selecting an object field and populates the type’s selector field with the given string.

Some versions of the update and mask functions accept a PathElement as an argument.

Introduced in DataWeave version 2.2.2.


Name Description


The namespace of the field to select. If not specified, a null value is set.


A string that names the attribute to select.


This example creates an object field selector for a specified namespace (ns0) and sets the selector’s value to "myFieldName". In the output, also note that the value of the "kind" key is "Object".


%dw 2.0
output application/json
import * from dw::util::Values
ns ns0 http://acme.com/foo
field(ns0 , "myFieldName")


   "kind": "Object",
   "namespace": "http://acme.com/foo",
   "selector": "myFieldName"

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