EDI Acknowledgment Reconciliation

As your trading partners acknowledge your messages, Partner Manager automatically updates their acknowledgment status. If you want to be notified, you must specifically configure acknowledgment settings when you create the message.

If you are expecting to receive functional acknowledgments from your trading partners, you must configure the acknowledgment settings when creating the outbound message flow.

When your organization receives the functional acknowledgment (X12 997 or EDIFACT CONTRL) from the trading partner, the status of the corresponding outbound transaction is updated. Possible status updates include:

  • Accepted

  • Rejected

  • Overdue, if the the functional acknowledgment is not received within the specified time period

The following are examples of the actions your operations team might take while troubleshooting acknowledgment issues:

  • Retriggering the transaction from the backend application when reviewing rejected transactions due to missing data elements

  • Asking your trading partner to confirm the receipt of the outbound transaction when reviewing overdue transactions

Troubleshoot Rejected or Overdue Acknowledgments

You can view all the outbound transactions that have either received an X12 997 or EDIFACT CONTRL rejection or that are overdue for the functional acknowledgment:

  1. In the navigation menu, select Activity.

  2. Use the search filters to filter functional acknowledgments by:

    • Type
      Type of message transmission:

      • Both directions

      • Sent to partners

      • Received from partners

    • From Date
      Filter for transmissions sent or received after this date.

    • To Date
      Filter for transmissions that are sent or received up to and including this date.

    • Ack Status
      Filter for transmissions based on their acknowledgment status:

      • All

      • Overdue

      • Rejected

  3. Click the transaction you want to review.

  4. From the transaction detail page, in the Transmission section, expand the Sent to <partner name> section.

  5. Click Review.

    Review a transaction

    When you review an X12 997 or EDIFACT CONTRL rejection, you see the X12 997 or EDIFACT CONTRL payload received from your trading partner. For example (for X12 997):

    X12 997 payload received from the partner
  6. Enter a review comment to indicate the action taken on the transaction’s acknowledgment status and then click Mark reviewed.

  7. Optionally, download the X12 payload by clicking Download.

After an overdue or rejected transaction is marked as reviewed, it is no longer displayed in the transaction Activity page when you search for transactions with the acknowledgment status of Overdue or Rejected. You see only the transactions that are not reviewed by your operations team.

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