Deleting Partners

If you are no longer trading with a partner, you can delete the partner.

When you delete a partner, the partner is removed from the Partner Manager’s Partners page, and all the partner’s data is deleted, except for activities for the partner that occurred before the partner was deleted.

Before you delete a third-party connection in an on-premises deployment, ensure that the on-premises Mule instances, the servers hosting them, and the server group in Anypoint Runtime Manager named B2BserverGroup are active and running. To obtain these statuses, contact your B2B System Administrator. You can check the status of the host servers in Anypoint Runtime Manager.

To delete a partner:

  1. From your Anypoint Partner Manager sandbox or production environment, select Partners from the navigation menu.

  2. Select the partner to delete and click Delete.

  3. In the confirmation dialog, confirm the deletion.

After you delete a partner, you can reuse the partner name.

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