File Name Patterns for Send Endpoints

Using property placeholders, Partner Manager enables you to configure a template that specifies properties and their order in the the file name patterns for files delivered to SFTP and AS2 send endpoints.

When file name pattern fields are configured with property placeholders (specified within ${ }), Partner Manager dynamically populates the file name with updated information at runtime. Any file name property field that is not specified within the placeholder is static and is not updated at runtime.

The following are the supported property placeholders and the dynamic value the placeholder is replaced with at runtime. All dates and times must be in UTC format.

Placeholder Replaced with


EDI Document Type


Group ID of the Sender


Group ID of the Receiver


Interchange ID of the Sender


Interchange ID of the Receiver


Unique Identifier: for example: 93de0793-63e1-5a06-aedf-fcd052ed2155


Year: for example, 2021


Month: for example, 04


Date: for example, 14


Hour: for example, 15


Minute: for example, 25


Second: for example, 46


Milliseconds: for example, 345


Interchange Control Number


Primary Business Key value: for example, PO12345


File format:

  • JSON

  • X12

  • XML


File Name Pattern

Generated File Name











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