Missing TA1 acknowledgments for my transmissions

Anypoint Partner Manager sends TA1 acknowledgments for a received transmission if configured to do so. Your trading partner might contact you to tell you that they are not receiving TA1 acknowledgments.


Any of the following can lead to this type of error:

  • The X12 settings for your trading partners are not configured to send TA1’s back to the partner.

  • The endpoint to which you are sending that TA1’s back may be incorrectly configured.


If you are not receiving TA1 configurations, review the following configuration:

  1. From within your Anypoint Partner Manager environment (either Sandbox or Production), select Partners and Receive from <Partner_Name>.

  2. Scroll to Validation and Acknowledgment settings and click X12.

  3. Within the Acknowledgments section, ensure that the option for Send TA1 for each transmission from <partner name> is selected.

  4. Configure the acknowledgment endpoint as in Endpoints.

  5. Click Save when done.

This enables TA1 acknowledgments for all transmissions received by the specific partner.

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