Failure to store message payload

You might occasionally see tracking information such as this in the Activity section of Anypoint Partner Manager:

Unrecognized standard from unrecognized partner
Received <datetime>  `Failure to store message payload`
File <name>


This information appears in the Activity section when one of the following occurs:

  • The payload storage API on the host’s profile is not appropriately configured.

  • The payload storage API is not functioning.

  • The storage solution associated with the payload storage API is not functioning.


Take the following actions to verify the Payload Storage API configuration:

  1. Verify the appropriate configuration for the payload storage API by performing a simple test request using a browser extension such as Postman on Google Chrome.

  2. Visit Anypoint Runtime Manager to verify that the related payload storage API is active and functioning by restarting the app.

  3. If the payload storage app is functioning, verify that the storage solution you are using (such as the S3 bucket, Azure Blob store, database, and so on) is up and functioning.

If all these scenarios have been verified successfully, and you still cannot deploy message flows, please raise a case on the MuleSoft Support Portal.

If you have an existing commercial relationship with MuleSoft and are experiencing problems accessing your Anypoint Platform account, you can open a case from the MuleSoft Support Portal. If you can’t access the Support Portal, contact your Customer Success Manager or MuleSoft Account Management team for assistance.

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