AS2 Send Endpoint Settings

AS2 send endpoint settings determine where to send B2B messages transmitted over AS2.

An AS2 Send to Partners endpoint (the only type of AS2 send endpoint) can act as:

  • A target endpoint in an outbound message flow through which transformed B2B messages are sent to partners, either directly or via third-party connections

  • An acknowledgement endpoint in an inbound message flow

Either a partner or a third-party connection can own AS2 send endpoints.

Create AS2 endpoints by configuring these settings on the partner or third-party connection pages:

Setting Description Required


Partner or third-party connection that owns the endpoint.



Send to partners


Protocol that the endpoint supports.



Partner to whom the transaction is sent.


Endpoint Name

Automatically generated name used to identify the endpoint, which you can subsequently modify manually.



User-supplied value that describes the purpose of the endpoint.

Partner AS2 URL

Your partner’s or third-party connection’s AS2 URL to which outbound EDI transmissions are sent.


Connection timeout

Timeout for establishing a connection to the remote service. The default is 30 Seconds.


Retry interval

Frequency of reconnection attempts when unable to connect to the remote AS2 service. The default is 30 Seconds.


Maximum retry attempts

Maximum number of reconnection attempts to make. If you don’t want Partner Manager to retry after an initial connection failure, set this value to 0.


<Host> AS2 identifier

Your organization’s AS2 identifier.


Partner AS2 identifier

Your partner’s or third-party connection’s AS2 identifier.


Respond to email address

Email address to use as the HTTP 'From' header when sending.


Message subject

User-defined field for the MIME Subject header.


Filename pattern

Filename pattern required by your partner.


Request receipt

Whether you want the partner to return a Message Disposition Notification (MDN) receipt, which confirms the receipt of the message.


<Host> keystore

Host keystore file that stores your organization’s public certificate and private key. To create a new keystore when creating an endpoint:

  1. Click New.

  2. Complete the fields on the New keystore for <host> window.

  3. Click Upload Keystore.

For more information about host keystores, see Managing AS2 Host Keystores.


Signature algorithm

Algorithm to use when setting the message integrity check value.


MDN signature algorithm

Request for a partner to respond with a signed Message Disposition Notification (MDN) using this algorithm for calculating MIC.


Encryption algorithm

Algorithm to use when encrypting the message to send.


MDN response

The AS2 messages sent from Partner Manager always request the receiver to send a Synchronous MDN receipt back. The default is Sync.


Authentication type

Authentication type used to access the endpoint. Allowed values:

  • None

    Does not require backend applications to authenticate when connecting to this endpoint.

  • Basic

    Requires backend applications to use the username and password provided by your partner to connect to this endpoint.

    Enter this information in the Username and Password fields.

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