Undeploying Message Flows

Undeploying a message flow prevents future messages from being processed and enables you to recover resources that are consumed by a message flow that you no longer need.

You can undeploy your message flow from either a sandbox or a production environment. The undeployment process takes about five minutes, during which actions such as Deploy and Delete are unavailable.

During the undeployment process, do not log out of Anypoint Partner Manager or close your browser window.

Before you undeploy message flows, ensure that your on-premises Mule instances, the servers hosting them, and the server group in Anypoint Runtime Manager called B2BserverGroup are active and running.

To undeploy a message flow:

  1. In the navigation menu, select Message Flows.

  2. Select the message flow to undeploy from the list and click Undeploy.

Partner Manager checks to see if any of the applications deployed to Mule are orphaned as a result of the undeployment and then cleans up orphaned applications to release any resources the applications were consuming.

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