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Design Mule Domains

Create Mule Domains

  1. Go to File > New > Mule Domain Project.
    You can also right click in your Package Explorer view and select New > Mule Domain Project.

  2. Set a name for your project.
    This is also the artifactId of your domain’s POM file.

When editing your Mule domain, all related applications in your classpath get updated accordingly.

Associate a Mule Application to a Mule Domain

  1. Right click your Mule application project in your Packager Explorer view.

  2. Select Mule and Open Mule Project Properties.

  3. Select your domain project from the Domain drop-down menu.

    The drop-down menu only displays Mule domain projects in your workspace.
    To point to an external domain in a remote M2 repository click Custom…​ and configure your domain coordinates.

Keep in mind that the Mule domains must be either available in your Studio Workspace or installed in the repository declared on your application project.

Install your Mule Domain in an M2 Repository

  1. In a terminal, cd into your domain project’s folder.

  2. Type mvn clean install.