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Studio Debugger

Anypoint Studio debugger enables you to run your application from Studio in debug mode, and to configure breakpoints to stop the execution of your application at a specific message processor. Then, using the Mule Debugger view, you can inspect the content of the message as it exists at that point in the flow, and evaluate a DataWeave expression against it.

The debugger works with Enterprise Edition runtimes and does not connect to Community Edition runtimes.

When you run your application in debug mode for the first time, Anypoint Studio prompts you to load the Mule debug perspective. The Mule debug perspective consists of a list of preconfigured views that help you debug your application:

  • Mule Debugger

  • Evaluate DataWeave Expressions

  • Mule Breakpoints

Debug Your Project in Studio

To debug your application in Studio:

  1. Right-click your project in the Package Explorer view.

  2. Select Debug As > Mule Application.
    Studio asks you for permission to switch to the Mule debug perspective.

  3. Click Yes.

Additionally, you can run your application in debug mode by right-clicking in the canvas and selecting Debug Project, or by clicking the Debug button on your top toolbar debug-button.

Configure Studio Debugger

When debugging in Studio, the debugger listens for incoming TCP connections on localhost and port 6666. You can modify this configuration in by clicking Run > Debug configurations and selecting the Debug tab.