To Add an API Alert

You deploy the API version before attempting to add an alert.

  1. In API Administration, select an API version, and on the API version details page, select Alerts.

  2. Click Add Alert and set the alert options:

    • Name: Type an alert name, for example red-alert.

    • Enabled: Accept the default, Enabled, for example.

    • Severity: Accept the default, Critical.

    • Api: Select the name of an API. For example, jsonplaceholderapi.

    • Api version: Select a version. For example, 1.0.

    • Alert type: Select Request Count, for example.

    • When number of occurrences are: Select Greater.

    • than: Select 1.

    • For at least: Select an entry in the range 1 - 999999999 to specify the time intervals as a sliding windows.

    • Recipients: Select the names of users in your business group, or type the email addresses, of users who will receive notification when the alert fires. Press RETURN.

  3. Create the alert.

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