To Publish an API on the Portal

  1. In Anypoint Platform, click API Manager, and in API Administration, click an API version of an API.

  2. On the API version details page, under API Portal, select Create new Portal from the dropdown menu.

    walkthrough engage a4f1a
  3. On the Home page for the portal, edit the text using markdown.

  4. Click one of the greyed-out icons in the center of the canvas to enter text, upload a graphic, or upload a file. For example, click the text icon and enter information about the API that you want to communicate to portal visitors.

  5. Click the graphics icon to enter a t-shirt graphic.

  6. Use the Add drop-down in the left pane to add widgets and pages to the site. For example:

    • Add an external link.

    • Add a nav bar heading.

    • Click Set to Visible

    • Add an API reference (API Console), setting this page to visible as well.

  7. Click Private, toggling the Public/Private control to make the portal public.

  8. Click Live portal to see the published portal.

    walkthrough engage a4322

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