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Administrator Tasks

Exchange administrators can perform the following tasks:

  • Set Exchange role permissions

    Determine who in your organization should be an Exchange administrator, contributor, or viewer. You can also provide role access for individual assets.

  • Save searches

    Save and maintain searches for assets within a business group.

  • Share an asset

    Grant access to an asset to a user in your organization, to everyone in your organization, or to everyone in a chosen external organization. You can also use Share to publish an API asset to a public portal.

  • Use API Manager to add the Request Access button

    This enables you to specify which API assets can be shared with users.

  • Deprecate an asset

    Remove access to a version within an asset but keep the asset available. Users can access other versions within the asset.

  • Migrate Exchange 1 assets to Exchange 2

    How to handle assets moved from Exchange 1.

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