Workflow: Publish Assets

Anypoint Exchange provides the ability to publish assets in private Exchange instances and Exchange public portals.

  1. Create an Asset - Create new assets in Exchange.

  2. Describe an Asset - Add a description, additional pages, terms and conditions, and tags, and change versions.

  3. Simulate Data in REST APIs - Use the Mocking Service to test OAS or RAML REST APIs with simulated data.

  4. Download an Asset - Copy the asset to your computer.

  5. Manage Categories - Organize assets into categories.

  6. Delete an Asset - Remove an asset.

  7. Change a RAML Version - Update the version of a RAML asset.

  8. Publish an HTTP API Asset - If you use Private Exchange, you can use the HTTP API to specify a placeholder for an endpoint.

  9. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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