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Asset Types

The following asset types are supported in Exchange:

  • API Groups

    A set of APIs bundled into a single asset.

  • API Spec Fragments

    A part of an API specification that is reused to build a complete API specification.

  • AsyncAPI Specifications

    An AsyncAPI specification file that specifies an event-driven API.

  • Connectors

    Packaged connectivity to an Anypoint Platform endpoint using third-party APIs and standard integration protocols.

    Use connectors within your application’s flows to send and receive data using a protocol or specific API. Anypoint Studio comes with many bundled connectors, and Exchange has many more.

  • Custom

    A description and an optional file to explain aspects of your system, to provide instructional videos, or to describe product or organizational documentation.

  • DataWeave Libraries

    Packaged modules and mappings to share and reuse across applications.

  • Examples

    Applications that are ready to run in Anypoint Studio and demonstrate a use case or solution.

  • GraphQL API

    A schema definition that contains the object types and definitions that are used to interact with the API through the GraphQL specification. GraphQL enables you to query an API that supports this language in a much more flexible way than REST.


    A placeholder for an endpoint for use by private Exchange users who want to manage the endpoint with API Manager.

    Instead of requesting access to multiple APIs to satisfy a use case, a developer can access the group in one step.

  • Policies

    Configuration modules to extend the functionality of an API and enforce capabilities such as security.


    RAML or OAS files that specify APIs referenced by an HTTP Request connector to expose metadata to Anypoint Studio.

  • RPA Templates

    • RPA Activity Templates

      Activity templates are reusable code within RPA to standardize the most used activity steps and make them available to other developers in the organization. File type is .calw.

    • RPA Process templates

      Templates for RPA processes that can be imported into RPA Builder as projects and are customizable before deploying to RPA bots. Process templates are built on common patterns for RPA to build automation faster. File type is .crpa.

  • Ruleset

    YAML files that describe a ruleset.


    A WSDL file that specifies an API.

  • Templates

    Packaged integration patterns built on best practices to address common use cases.

    Complete the template’s use case or solution by supplying your own information, customizing, or extending the templates as needed.

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