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To Delete an Asset in Exchange

You can delete an asset in the first 7 days of its creation and reuse the asset’s same name, group, asset ID, and version. A delete within the first 7 days is known as a hard delete.

If you delete the asset after 7 days, you can’t reuse the same name, business group name, account ID, and version. A delete after 7 days is known as a soft delete. After 7 days if you want to reuse the asset name, choose a new version number or put the asset in a different business group.

To delete an asset:

  1. Click the three-dot Settings icon at the upper right:

    Delete Asset menu

    Alternatively, you can delete a single API version using the version menu:

    Delete a version of an asset

    Changing a RAML version? See To Change a RAML Version.

  2. Confirm the action when prompted, or click Cancel to exit the prompt.

Delete Notes

  • If an asset has never had a lower version number, you can create a lower version number, but not if you are reusing a previously deleted version. For example, if an asset starts with version 2, you can add a version 1. However if the asset started with version 1, a version 2 was added, and version 1 was deleted, you can’t add version 1 back.

  • Deleting an asset or a version checks for any assets that are dependent on the asset or the asset version and displays a warning to prevent deletion until all the dependencies are removed.

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