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To Delete an Asset in Exchange

You can delete an asset in the first seven days of its creation and reuse that asset’s name, group, asset ID, and version. A delete within the first seven days is known as a hard delete.

If you delete the asset after seven days, you can’t reuse its name, business group name, account ID, and version. A delete after seven days is known as a soft delete. After seven days, if you want to reuse the asset name, choose a new version number or put the asset in a different business group.

To delete an asset:

  1. Click the three-dot Settings icon at the upper right:

    Delete Asset menu

    Alternatively, you can delete a single API version using the version menu:

    Delete a version of an asset

    Changing a RAML version? See To Change a RAML Version.

  2. Confirm the action when prompted, or click Cancel to exit the prompt.

Delete Notes

  • Deleting an asset or a version checks for any assets that are dependent on the asset or the asset version and displays a warning to prevent deletion until all the dependencies are removed.

  • A policy asset cannot be deleted if it is applied to any managed API instances. The APIs using this policy tab on the policy asset’s page shows which API instances have that policy applied. You can use API Manager to remove the policy from the instances, and then you can delete the policy.

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