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Manage Categories

Exchange Administrators and Organization Owners can create categories to group Exchange access types. Categories let users organize assets into different groups to improve asset browsing and discovery.

For example, a category called API Type with possible values System API, Experience API, and Integration API is applied to assets of type REST API, SOAP API, and HTTP API:

ex categories api type

Note: You must have one or more categories defined in the Settings page for the Add Category prompt to appear on your organization’s assets.

Create a Category

  1. In Anypoint Exchange, click Login and log in to your organization.

  2. Click Settings in the left navigation area.

  3. Click Add New Category.

  4. Specify a category name. Each category name must be unique.

  5. Specify one or more values. Each category must have a value.

  6. Press the Return/Enter key or click the plus sign next to the value to confirm the value:

    ex category value

    Note: If a plus sign is not clicked, the check mark to indicate the category has no effect.

  7. Choose the asset types that the category corresponds to.

  8. Click the checkmark to enable the category.

Apply a Category

  1. Click an asset in your organization.

  2. In Categories in the right side details menu, click Add Category and choose the category and value from the drop-down menu.

Search with Categories

In the Exchange search field, specify the category: search term and the category value to list the assets.

For example, to find assets of API Type, search for category:"API Type" = "System API".

You can search for a combination of different categories, but you can’t search for multiple values of the same category. Multiple search terms use an implicit AND. OR is not supported.

The following search terms return all assets marked as both System APIs and Salesforce products:

category:"API Type" = "System API" category:"Product" = "Salesforce"

Change or Delete a Category

Categories can be deleted at the individual asset level which only removes the category from that asset. Categories can also be deleted at the global level in Settings, but doing so removes the category from all assets.