Save Searches

As an Exchange administrator, you can save searches that your users can click to access assets within a business group.

While users can view and click the searches, only an Exchange administrator can save, rename, or delete the saved searches.

  1. Change to the business group where you want to add saved searches.

  2. Specify a search in the search field.

  3. Click Save This Search.

  4. In the Save Search window, specify the name for the search, and save the search name. The saved searches appear in the left navigation bar of the Assets page under the Organization Searches heading.

  5. If needed, click the settings button for the search to the right of the search name in the left navigation area.

  6. To rename the search, select the text in the navigation bar field and provide a new name followed by pressing the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

  7. To delete the search, click Delete from the search name Setting menu.

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