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Getting Started with API Catalog CLI

After you become familiar with the API Catalog CLI concepts covered in Autocataloging APIs Using API Catalog CLI, you are ready to get started autocataloging your APIs.

Before You Begin

To grant permission to run the API Catalog CLI commands that interact with Anypoint Platform:

  • Enable API Catalog Contributor.

  • If you are authenticating using a connected app, set the View Environment scope to the main environment for your organization.

Permissions must be set in Access Management by an Anypoint Platform user with administrative permission.

See the Access Management documentation for details on managing permissions.

Get Started with API Catalog CLI

To get started with API Catalog CLI:

  1. Install API Catalog CLI.

  2. Get familiar with the general use of API Catalog, such as how to pass authentication information and how to use the general command flags.

  3. Create a descriptor file to identify the APIs to publish.

  4. Catalog an asset using API Catalog CLI and view it in Anypoint Exchange.

Consider testing the process end-to-end locally by running the commands at a command prompt before adding the commands to your CI/CD pipeline or custom scripts.