Connected Application Authentication

Connected application authentication enables access to Exchange using the client application credentials of client ID and client secret, so you can execute Exchange requests without sending a token.

To create a new connected application:

  1. Log in to the Anypoint Platform.

  2. Navigate to Access Management > Connected Apps > Create App.

  3. Choose App acts on its own behalf (client credentials).

  4. To provide read and write access, ensure the application has either the scope Exchange Administrator or the scope Exchange Contributor.

    To provide read-only access, ensure the application has the scope Exchange Viewer.

  5. Click Save and copy the client ID and client secret of the connected application.

To use connected application authentication, provide basic authentication and define the username as ~~~Client~~~ and the password as clientID~?~clientSecret. Replace clientID with the client ID. Replace clientSecret with the client secret.

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