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Share an API Asset to a Public Portal

  1. Click an API asset to show its details.

  2. Click Share and click Add to the public portal.

  3. (Optional) Click Share Internally if you decide to not put the asset in the public portal and instead return to the previous Share menu.

  4. (Optional) Click API Instances to manage instance visibility before proceeding. After following this link, you are returned to the previous Share menu.

  5. Click the version of the asset you want to publish in the public portal.

  6. Click Share. If no action occurs when you click Share, refresh your browser and log in again to repeat sharing the asset.

A public portal is visible to anyone on the internet who has the URL of the portal. The URL for a public portal starts with To remove an asset from a public portal, you need to make the asset private as described in the next section.

Remove an Asset from a Public Portal

Note: This procedure only takes the asset out of a portal. It doesn’t delete the asset.

  1. Click the asset in Exchange and click Share.

  2. Click Add to the Public Portal.

  3. Click the version field checkbox to uncheck the field.

  4. Click Share.

  5. In Exchange, refresh the browser screen and you can see that the Visibility setting in the asset’s Overview has changed to Private.

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