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To Deprecate an Asset in Exchange

Deprecating removes access to a version of an asset. The asset remains accessible for users. A deprecated asset can be reverted and returned to use.

You must be an asset administrator, an organization owner or an Exchange administrator to use this feature. You can set these roles in the Access Management > Roles menu.

  1. Click the Settings icon at the upper right:

    Screenshot - Deprecate menu in taskbar

    Alternatively, you can deprecate an API asset from its version menu:

    Screenshot - Deprecate menu in versions
  2. Click Deprecate to indicate a version that is no longer valid or supported that consumers still use. Deprecate lets you keep an asset available.

  3. Confirm the action when prompted, or click Cancel to exit the prompt.

After a version has been deprecated, users see the This version has been deprecated message:

Screenshot - This version has been deprecated

Administrators and organization owners also see the Revert button at the end of the message and can click Revert to restore access to the version.