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Configuring Flex Gateway in Local Mode

  • Configure Replicas - Anypoint Flex Gateway enables you to create replicas, which are instances of Flex Gateway. By default, Flex Gateway runs as a single replica. Running multiple replicas enables scaling, load balancing, and high availability.

  • Configure TLS Context - Flex Gateway enables you to configure a TLS context to support regular TLS and mTLS in both inbound and outbound directions.

  • Configure Shared Storage - Flex Gateway enables you to configure shared storage for distributed caching and rate limiting policies.

  • Configure a Forward Proxy - Flex Gateway enables you to configure a forward proxy to route external HTTP connections through a proxy connection.

  • Configure a Liveness Check - Flex Gateway enables you to run a liveness check command to test gateway health. Additionally, Flex Gateways deployed on Kubernetes include a liveness probe to automatically restart pods after a specified number of failed checks.

  • Configure PROXY Protocol - Flex Gateway supports PROXY protocol to perserve client IP address when servicing multi-layer connections.

Refer to the Declarative Configuration Reference Guide for information about configuring Flex Gateway via declarative configuration files.