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Deploying and Testing Message Flows

Anypoint Partner Manager dynamically validates the message flow configuration elements as you complete them and displays a green checkmark next to each of the validated elements.

After Partner Manager validates the message flow configuration elements, deploy and test the message flow in a sandbox environment. It can take up to five minutes from the time the message flow deployment completes in the UI for the changes to take effect in the runtime.

Deploy Message Flows

To deploy a message flow, click the Deploy button.

The message flow is deployed to Mule runtime engine, enabling you to:

  • Start receiving messages from your partner

  • Use the Activity page to track the processed messages

Test a Deployed Message Flow

After you deploy the message flow, send test messages to verify that:

  • You can receive messages and acknowledgments from your partners.

  • The DataWeave map works.

  • Your backend applications receive the transformed messages.

Test your message flow in your Partner Manager sandbox environment by sending a test file to the receiving endpoint:

  1. In the navigation menu, select Activity and the transmission to test.

  2. Scan for an exclamation point (!) in any of the boxes next to the displayed flow stages and address any issues.

  3. If the system is set up to view payloads, review the received payload by clicking View payload next to the Received transmission section.

    If you’re not sure about whether you should be able to view a payload, contact your B2B System Administrator.

  4. If TA1 and functional acknowledgments (999 or 997) are set, review and confirm that they are present.

  5. Verify that the transmission routed the messages to the correct message flow.

  6. Verify that Partner Manager routed the messages to the target system, delivered the messages to the target endpoint, and transformed the messages correctly.