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Inbound Message Flows

An inbound message flow does the following:

  1. Receives application messages from your partner, either directly or through a third-party connection

  2. Transforms the messages to the format used by your back-end applications

  3. Forwards the messages to those applications

The following diagram shows the components of an inbound message flow:

Inbound message flow
Callout Setting Description Supported Formats or Protocols

pm annotation 1

Receiving endpoint

Endpoint at which a host receives transmissions from a partner

  • AS2

  • FTP

  • HTTP


  • SFTP

pm annotation 2

Source message type

Message type of the received message payload

  • CSV


  • JSON

  • X12

  • XML

pm annotation 3


DataWeave map used to transform the source message type to the target message type


pm annotation 4

Target message type

Format into which the DataWeave map transforms received messages

  • JSON

  • XML

pm annotation 5

Target endpoint

Endpoint to which the transformed message is sent (typically, a process API)

  • FTP

  • HTTP


  • SFTP