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Output a Transformation to an Attribute or Variable (Design Center)

By default, the Transform component outputs to the payload of a Mule event. You can also output data to a variable or attribute that you create.

Before you begin, you should set up a basic flow that sends the Transform component Input data.

  1. From the Mapping tab in the Transform component, click the title of the Output column, which should say Output Payload by default.

  2. Select Add Transformation.

  3. Select one of these types:

    • Attributes

    • Variable

  4. For a variable, provide a name.

  5. Create or select a data type for the attribute or variable.

  6. Map the portion of the Transformer input that you want to output to the attribute or variable.

    Note that you can check your mapping by adding a Logger after the Transformer, for example:

    • Logger message for an attribute: message.attributes

    • Logger message for the variable myVar: vars.myVar

      After deploying your app, the Logs should output your logger message.

Remove an Output Transformation

  1. Click the title of the Output column.

  2. Click the Trash Can icon for the transformation that you want to delete.

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