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Enterprise Integration Patterns Using Mule

Enterprise Integration Patterns are accepted solutions to recurring problems within a given context. The patterns provide a framework for designing, building messaging and integration systems, as well as a common language for teams to use when architecting solutions.

Mule supports most of the patterns shown in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book written by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf.

Mule reduces the effort required when building integrations by implementing the patterns that you use to design solutions. You can then simply configure and use these same patterns in Mule.

Mapping Enterprise Integration Patterns into Mule Objects

Review the following list of Enterprise Integration Patterns that can be mapped directly to Mule objects:

Integration Styles

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

File Transfer

File Connector

Shared Database

DataBase Connector

Remote Procedure Invocation

Mule APIs are meant to work like this procedure or even doing requests to external APIs.


Mule is all about Messaging.

Messaging Systems

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Message Channel

Mule provides a message channel that connects the message processors in a flow.

Pipes and Filters

A flow implements a pipe and filter architecture.

Message Router

Message Routers.

Message Translator

Message Transformer.

Message Endpoint

Message Sources and Operations.

Messaging Channels

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Point-to-Point Channel

The default channel within a flow.

Message Bus

Mule is a message bus.

Guaranteed Delivery

Using Reliability Patterns.

Message Construction

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Event Message

Mule transmits events from different Application or Processors.

Request Reply

Mule uses connectors that facilitate request-reply wise operations, or using Reliability Patterns.

Message Routing

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Content-Based Router

Choice Router.

Message Filter

Validation Module.

Dynamic Routing

Message Routers.

Scatter Gather

Scatter Gather Router.


Foreach Scope, Parape and Batch.


Aggregator Module.

Message Transformation

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Content Enricher

Target Variables.

Messaging Endpoints

Pattern Mapping to a Mule Object

Polling Consumer

Message Sources.

Transactional Client

Transaction Management.

Idempotent Receiver

Redelivery Policy.