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Graphically Construct a Mapping (Design Center)

Through the graphical UI of the Transform component you can do the tasks below. Each task will produce the DataWeave source code that describes the action.

Map a Field

Drag an element on the input structure over to another on the output structure, this action creates a line that joins these two elements.

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to transform data afe5b

Remove a Mapping

  1. Select the corresponding input element.

    A trash can icon graphically construct mapping design center task 2457b appears on the connection.

  2. Click the trash can icon.

Set a Fixed Value or Function

  1. Double click on a field (that doesn’t have any children) in the output tree. This adds a function icon graphically construct mapping design center task 8a822 next to it.

  2. A box with the default value null appears. You can change null to anything you want, such as:

    • A fixed text value by using " ".

    • A reference to an input field.

    • A statement that includes DataWeave functions.

This experience relates to that of using a spreadsheet, where each field can be a direct reference to another field, or can be the product of a function that involves such references.

Functions can be removed by clicking on the trash-can icons that appear next to them.

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