Message Processors

After Mule receives a message from a Message Source, it uses one or more message processors to process the message through a flow.

These can transform, filter, enrich, and otherwise process the message as it transitions through your flow.

Message Processors can be categorized by function as follows:

  • Connectors send and receive data, and plug into external data sources via standard protocols or third-party APIs.

  • Components are flexible tools which perform business logic implemented in Java, Javascript, Groovy, Python, or Ruby.

  • Filters only allow certain messages to continue to be processed in a flow based on certain criteria.

  • Routers control message flow to route, resequence, or split and aggregate messages in a flow.

  • Scopes wrap snippets of code to define fine-grained behavior within a flow.

  • Transformers convert message payload type and data format to facilitate communication between systems.

  • Exception Strategies handle any errors that occur during message processing.

  • Business Events capture data related to key performance indicators.

Note: Only use message processors after a Router.

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