Support Center Access


You are seeing this page because your account can’t access to the MuleSoft Support Center. This could be because your account is a free account, a trial, or is not fully set up according to your order.

Verify that you are using the correct credentials to sign in.

  • Anypoint Platform users sign in using their Anypoint Platform user name and password.

  • On-premises users use the credentials provided by your MuleSoft Customer Success Manager.

If you have an existing commercial relationship with MuleSoft and are experiencing problems accessing your Anypoint Platform account, you can open a case from the MuleSoft Support Portal. If you can’t access the Support Portal, contact your Customer Success Manager or MuleSoft Account Management team for assistance.

You can view the public information on the MuleSoft Help Center.

Community Support

If you are not currently a customer, you still have access to the public resources available at our MuleSoft Help Center, and you can get answers from other developers at the MuleSoft Community Forum.

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