Runtime (dw::Runtime)

This module contains functions that allow you to interact with the DataWeave engine.

To use this module, you must import it to your DataWeave code, for example, by adding the line import * from dw::Runtime to the header of your DataWeave script.


Name Description


Throws an exception with the specified message.


Produces an error with the specified message if the expression in the evaluator returns true, otherwise returns the value.


Returns the location string of a given value.


Returns the result of the orElse if the previous try result failed if not returns the result of the previous


Function to be use with try in order to chain multiple try


Returns the value of the property with the specified name or null if the property is not defined.


Returns all the properties configured for Mule runtime.


Evaluates the delegate function and returns an object with success: true and result if the delegate function succeeds, or an object with success: false and error if the delegate function throws an exception.


Stops the execution for the specified timeout (in milliseconds).

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