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Enable Verbose Logging

You can enable verbose logging for different modules and connectors. Because of the high impact to application performance, limit verbose logging to testing and troubleshooting operations.

Configure Verbose Logging

To configure verbose logging, add an entry to your log4j2.xml file, indicating the package names of the connectors or modules you want to log, and set the log level to DEBUG.

The following example shows how to find the package names for Anypoint Connector JMS (JMS Connector) and configure verbose logging:

  1. In the Package Explorer view, open the JMS Connector package library.

  2. Inside the .jar file, locate all Mule-related packages.


  3. Add an entry to your log4j2.xml file, indicating the package name and log level = DEBUG:

        <AsyncLogger name="org.mule.extensions.jms" level="DEBUG"/>

Common Connector Package Names

The following table shows some common Anypoint Connectors and their package names so you don’t have to search for them:

Connector Name Package Names

Anypoint Connector for HTTP


Anypoint Connector for Salesforce


Anypoint Connector for FTP


Anypoint Connector for SFTP

  • org.mule.extension.sftp

  • com.jcraft

Anypoint Connector for FTPS


Anypoint Connector for NetSuite

  • httpclient.wire.header

  • httpclient.wire.content

  • httpclient.wire

  • org.apache.commons.httpclient

  • org.apache.http

  • org.mule.module.netsuite

  • com.netsuite.webservices

  • org.mule.service.http.impl.service.HttpMessageLogger

  • org.mule.module.netsuite.extension.internal.connection.provider.soap.JavaWSDispatcher

Anypoint Connector for Amazon SQS

  • org.mule.extension.sqs

  • org.apache.http

Anypoint Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • org.mule.service.http.impl.service.HttpMessageLogger

  • org.apache.http

  • org.mule.extension.microsoftdynamics365

Anypoint Connector for MuleSoft SAP

Anypoint Connector for Anypoint MQ



Anypoint Connector for Database


Anypoint Connector for Microsoft SharePoint (version 3.x)

  • org.apache.http.wire

  • org.apache.http