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Pooling Profiles

Unlike singleton components, pooled components configure their component pool which contains multiple instances of the component to process simultaneous incoming requests. Each pooled component has its pooling profile.

Connectors such as Anypoint Connector for FTP (FTP Connector) and Anypoint Connector for SFTP (SFTP Connector) pool connections by default and use a pooling-profile to customize the connection pool.
When performance tests show it necessary, add the pooling-profile parameter to connectors.

However, Anypoint Connector for Database (Database Connector) does not perform connection pooling by default, causing every execution of an SQL statement to open a new connection and close it once finished (unless there is a transaction active that uses the same connection for the whole transaction). By using a pooling profile, you enable one-time connection setup and subsequent requests use existing connections, thereby improving request-processing performance:

<db:mysql-config name="dbConfig" host="localhost" port="3306" user="root"
   password="" database="esb" doc:name="MySQL Configuration">
   <db:pooling-profile maxPoolSize="17" minPoolSize="13" />

The maxPoolSize setting specifies the maximum number of connections open to the database, and available to serve incoming requests.