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Credentials for AWS

The Credentials for AWS action step enables you to set up your AWS credentials one time and then reference them in any other AWS action step that requires them.

Inbound Variables

  • Client Id

  • Client Secret

  • Session Token

  • Use Session Token

  • Region Endpoint

Outbound Variables

  • AwsCredentials



  • Client ID

    The client ID used to authenticate against AWS.

  • Client Secret

    The client secret used to authenticate against AWS.

  • Region Endpoint

    The AWS region endpoint Code to connect to, for example: us-east-1.

    See AWS service endpoints for a list of available AWS region endpoints.

  • Use session token to authenticate

    Select this option to specify the AWS session token to use if you are connecting to AWS resources using temporary credentials that require a session token.

    • Session Token

      The session token to use for authentication when Use session token to authenticate is selected.

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