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Flow Control

Flow Control Action Steps enable you to perform controlled iterations and loops during the automation.

  • Break Loop

    Break Loop enables you to exit a Loop control block during its execution.

  • File Controlled Loop

    This Flow Control Element reads data from a CSV file.

  • Force Error State

    This Action Step simply forces the Workflow into an error state.

  • Force OK State

    This Action Step can reset an error state to OK.

  • Group

    The Group block enables you to group Action Steps for better visibility and readability.

  • Lock Section

    This Action Step enables you to synchronize access if multiple parallel Workflows need to access a file or a mailbox, for example in the case of Robotic Applications.

  • Loop

    A Loop block enables you to repeat the same Transaction and Action Steps two or more times.

  • Managed

    The Managed block enables you to handle errors within your Workflow as they happen.

  • Pattern Select

    This Action Step enables you to respond flexibly to non-predictable situations.

  • Select Case

    This Action Step makes it possible to match the contents of a variable against certain predefined cases.

  • Transaction

    Transactions enable you to split Workflows into logical, self-contained units.