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Entities With AWS

The Entities with AWS action step enables you to use Amazon Comprehend to inspect text for named entities and return information about them.

Inbound Variables

  • Text

    The ext to analyze and extract entities from.

  • Json Path

    Json Path Expression to filter the Normalized Json outbound result.

  • AWS Credentials

    Or, if Use custom settings is activated in the wizard:

    • Client Id

    • Client Secret

    • Session Token

    • Use Session Token

    • Region Endpoint

Outbound Variables

  • Normalized Json

    The parsed result based on the normalized result and defined Json path.

  • Raw Json

    The complete AWS response.



  • Authentication Settings

    The AWS credentials to use for authentication

    • Pin credentials Use this option to reference an existing Credentials for AWS configuration.

    • Use custom settings Use this option to specify an AWS Cliend ID, Client Secret, and Region Endpoint for this action step.

    • Session Token

      The session token to use for authentication when Use session token to authenticate is selected.

  • Response settings

    • JsonPath Expression

      The Json path to the property of the response object.

  • Text

    The text to analyze.

  • Language

    The language of the source text to analyze.